das fanni KIMONO

hungarian - handmade - designer - no waste - unisex - contemporary art - slow fashion

About me and the brand


The first collection was about light summer materials in a simple, basic line in my favorite colors.

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Keleti Blokk x das fanni

The Eastern Block was the building behind the Dürer Garden. Where more than 300 musicians and artists created.
The samples of the collection were designed from photos taken in the building. Graffiti, tiles, barriers,
marble and paintings.

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Reuse, nowaste

When planning my tailoring patterns, I try to minimize tailoring waste, and I use all that is generated. For example, I sew masks and hair elastics from it, and the new REMONO collection is also in preparation.

das fanni x Marosi Panni collab collection

I fell in love with the paintings of painter Panni Marosi at first sight and already imagined them on kimonos. The mood of 2020 is a mixture of chill at home and daydreams and memories after travels. When your home safe will have a Portuguese tile pattern in your mind's eye. And the gigantic agave grows out of your Persian carpet. Longing to return to nature from the urban jungle.

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